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  • An image of a DDOT bus stop with a bike leaning against it. It is morning and the clouds are luminous with sunlightMore Service, New Numbers, and a New Look: DDOT’s Connect10 Plan
    DDOT has recently launched big improvements, adding 500 trips a week, under a new brand called ConnectTen. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that your longtime route has a new number, or seen the freshly wrapped, green buses around the city! Here’s a summary of the changes you can expect.   New Route Numbers The ten routes that are used by 60% [ ... ]
  • A Black dad and son looking at each other on a bus.DDOT’s Proposed New Fares: An Explainer
    DDOT and SMART are proposing a revolution in the ways in which you pay for the bus! What would this mean for you? Here’s what you need to know: Proposed Fare Changes Eliminate transfer fees – Instead of paying $1.50 and adding a charge for each transfer, you’d pay $2 for unlimited rides for 4-hours. Ride all you want –no need to pay [ ... ]
  • Surprising Success: Fall 2018 Update
     Sometimes success comes in unexpected ways. Transit is improving. It may not always feel like change is happening and it’s not yet enough, but improvements should be celebrated! When we worked in 2015 with the RTA to develop a Regional Transit Plan, we asked our members their priorities for improved and expanded transit. We heard: Seamless, not [ ... ]
  • Detroit’s got an impressive new Strategic Plan for Transportation
    After decades on aimlessness on transportation, the City of Detroit has developed a powerful new blueprint for how they plan to improve the City’s transportation, and with it, the City itself.  “This is the roadmap to make it easier, safer, and more affordable for everyone to get around Detroit” – Mayor Mike Duggan [ ... ]
  • SMART Renewed in all 3 counties! (Barely)
    It’s official, SMART did win it’s renewal vote in all three counties! Thanks and congrats to everyone who supported this critical service! What? You didn’t know it was still a question? Oakland and Wayne County communities supported SMART with more than 70% support so their victory was clear election night. But in Macomb, the [ ... ]