Transportation Riders United
  • Partial Success: Bus funding restored!
    House restored funding for local bus agencies, thanks to supporter outreach! But more work needed: funding could still be slashed for senior shuttles, rides to work, regional initiatives (including RTA!!), and more! Following a tidal wave of opposition from transit agencies and hundreds of transit supporters like you, the Michigan House of [ ... ]
  • Kristen testifying before the Michigan House Transportation Committee on the struggles of people with disabilities living in opt-out communitiesMy Transit Story: Freedom of Movement
    Because I have had a disability since birth that requires that I use a heavy-weight, impossible-to-break-down wheelchair that you can’t put into the trunk of a regular car, a lack of accessible and affordable transportation options has always been a major barrier to my independence and freedom. Not that I knew that when I was younger. Growing up [ ... ]
  • TRU staff, supporters, and DDOT staff pose in front of a new, green bus that says SHOE TERMINAL on its destination sign. Everyone is smiling.What We Learned Touring DDOT’s Shoemaker Terminal
    Last night, DDOT generously hosted a group of TRU members for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Shoemaker Terminal, DDOT’s bus facility on the East Side. This was a Member Appreciation Event for TRU supporters. And it was delightful. We started out at DDOT’s state-of-the-art bus driver training facility. The classroom there features real, physical [ ... ]
  • My Transit Story: Inclusion is the Solution
    My story begins with the birth of a baby girl, Nicola. Diagnosed with autism, there are certain things she cannot muster, including driving. How will she get to school or work or visit friends when we, her parents, are no longer living? Will she be able to rely on Michigan's public transit? [ ... ]
  • Michigan Legislature trying to GUT transit, rail to fund roads!
    Balanced transportation investments? Ha! The Michigan House Transportation Appropriations committee passed a budget June 6 that would drastically gut many essential transportation investments in a vain attempt to fix the roads without any new investments. Tell them NO gutting transit for roads! These cuts could devastate bus riders like Beth who [ ... ]