About TRU

TRU is proud to receive the GuideStar Silver Seal of Transparency.Transportation Riders United is a nonprofit that has been working since 1999 to improve public transit in greater Detroit through education, engagement, and advocacy.

MISSION – Improve and promote transit in greater Detroit in order to restore urban vitality, ensure transportation equity, and improve quality of life.

TRU believes the Detroit region needs a balanced transportation network because transportation investments shape our future.


  • All people in greater Detroit will have reliable, safe, and affordable access to the places they live, work, shop, and play through a high-quality transit system.
  • An integrated network of buses, trains, bike routes, and other transportation options will seamlessly connect our cities, region, and beyond.
  • This system will foster attractive livable neighborhoods, enhance business opportunities and improve the environmental quality of the region.


  • TRU is dedicated to serving the public’s best interest. We are part of the community and work on behalf of the community.
  • TRU works hard because we are confident that we can make a difference over the long-term. We are results-oriented and mission-driven.
  • TRU believes in collaboration and teamwork. We seek to engage new and diverse partners and supporters.
  • TRU is committed to providing trustworthy information and to making well- reasoned, evidence-based decisions.
  • TRU values openness and respectful candor. We strive to always act with honesty and integrity.

Megan testifying before SEMCOG

WHO – Our volunteer Board of Directors sets our mission and priorities, ensures sufficient resources, and oversees our activities. Our small but active staff lead and manage TRU’s daily activities, which include research, education, engagement, outreach, and advocacy.

PRIORITIES – from our 3-year Strategic Plan, our current priorities include:

  1. Build broad public support for regional transit and dedicated funding and get it back on the ballot.
  2. Get more people involved in transit through events, coalitions, and social media engagement
  3. Improve our communications to more effectively share our knowledge and positions
  4. Strengthen TRU board leadership and financial diversity
  5. Identify ways to improve current transit, including encouraging ridership and exploring new mobility
    RT Awards - M.Childs with Kelly

SUPPORTERS – As a nonprofit organization, our work is only possible through the generous support of our members, sponsors, and funders.

  • Special thanks to the Sally Mead Hands Foundation and the Kresge Foundation for their generous support.
  • Thank you also to the wonderful sponsors of our events and programs
  • Enormous thanks also to each and every individual who has donated to TRU, ranging from $5 to $5,000. Please donate today to support our work.

TRANSPARENCY – TRU’s financial records are available for public review: