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Board of Directors

TRU Board Meeting

TRU’s board of directors is our vital governing force; the board sets our policies and goals through strategic planning, reviews and ratifies the decisions of our committees, ensures TRU has the financial resources to succeed, and is responsible for TRU’s adherence to our legal obligations and organizational values. Board members are also often the vital components on the committees that coordinate with other volunteers and staff to get our work done.

Meet TRU’s current Board of Directors:

New board members Tanise Hill (right) and Julie Tschirhart (left) with Board Chair Kelly Logan (middle) at 2017 Annual Meeting

New board members Tanise Hill (right) and Julie Tschirhart (left) with Board Chair Kelly Logan (middle) at 2017 Annual Meeting

  • Kelly Logan, Board President- Dearborn
  • Wendy Erzen, Vice President – Bloomfield Township
  • Dave Kuziemko, Board Treasurer – Sterling Heights
  • Meagan Costea, Board Secretary- Dearborn
  • Alex DeCamp, Board Member – Detroit
  • Dave Norwood, Board Member- Dearborn
  • Donald Stuckey, Board Member – Detroit
  • Julie Tschirhart, Board Member – Ann Arbor
  • Paul Lippens, Board Member – Ypsilanti
  • Sam Butler, Board Member – Detroit
  • Shamsuddin Syed, Board Member – Bloomfield Hills
  • Stephen Maiseloff, Board Member – Detroit
  • Susan Titus, Board Member – Detroit
  • Tanise Hill, Board Member – Detroit

Interested in Joining TRU’s Board? 

We want a board of directors that reflects the best of Detroit: Diverse, dynamic and dedicated to getting the job done. We accept applications for new Board members (available in pdf or doc) each fall. If you have experience in public transit issues, or economic/community development, or a knack for politics or fundraising, or are well connected to decision makers in the region, and if you understand that transit is key component of a healthy economy and are willing to dedicate yourself to TRU’s and Detroit’s success, please learn more about TRU, the responsibilities you would take up as a board member, and what your next steps would be to explore making that happen.

Board applications are reviewed by the Board Development Committee, which makes a recommendation to the full Board. The full Board recommends a slate of new board candidates to the membership, which votes at TRU’s Annual Meeting each January.

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