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Meet our Staff:

  • Megan Owens, Executive Director
  • Kristen Milefchek, Social Work Intern

Note – Longtime Assistant Director Ruth Johnson is no longer with TRU.

TRU does not currently have any paid positions open. Future positions will be listed here and announced in our e-newsletter.

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Megan Owens, Executive Director

Megan on Channel 7's Flashpoint program

Megan on Channel 7’s Flashpoint program

Ms. Owens coordinates and oversees all of TRU’s advocacy, education, fundraising, and engagement, always maintaining focus on the goal of improved transit. She is TRU’s lead spokesperson and a frequent source for local and national media. She led TRU’s work advocating the creation of the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) and continues to watchdog their work.

She is also on the Executive Committee of the RTA’s Citizens’ Advisory Committee and Chairs the Oakland County Public Transit Authority, which oversees SMART bus service in Oakland County. Dedicated to ongoing learning, she completed fellowships with Detroit Regional Chamber’s Leadership Detroit, the Michigan Nonprofit Association’s Executive Leadership Fellowship and the Center for Progressive Leadership.

Previously, Ms. Owens spent six years with PIRGIM (the Public Interest Research Group in Michigan) leading the passage of state identity theft laws and advocating a reduction air pollution from coal-burning power plants. She has also worked on several political campaigns and taught environmental education in the Michigan State Parks.

A nearly lifelong Michigan resident, she graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment where she co-lead the nation’s largest voter registration drive and promoted community service. She currently lives in Hazel Park with her husband and daughters and enjoys traveling, baking, video games, and Detroit’s wonderful festivals.


Kristen speaking at the media launch of the Vote Yes for Regional Transit campaign

Kristen Milefchek, Social Work Intern

While completing her Masters in Social Work at Wayne State University, Kristen is working with TRU in the fight for better transit, helping lead our Let’s Talk Transit peer-to-peer community engagement program and researching customer experience with the area’s paratransit services, among other projects.

Kristen has a neuromuscular condition and is in a wheelchair for life. Far from letting that slow her down, Kristen has long been an effective advocacy for people with disabilities – even voted Ms. Wheelchair Michigan 2015 for being such an effective advocate!

“My personal interest in better public transit is experiencing firsthand how people with disabilities cannot access their communities for work, recreation, or worship without a reliable public transit system. To be without this access is to be disconnected from the social and cultural worlds that people with disabilities have been fighting to be fully integrated in for decades.”

She brings another important perspective to TRU – she’s from Clarkston, a northern Oakland County communities that has no access to public transit of any kind.


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