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Support the DDOT Budget increase at Public Hearing, Monday March 11

The DDOT logo

At his budget address March 7, Mayor Duggan proposed a $2.4 billion budget for the city that includes a $5 million increase in transportation funding, which would allow DDOT to hire 50 new bus drivers and operate 500 more hours of bus service each week, if passed.

Detroit City Council wants to hear from you at a public hearing on the DDOT portion of the budget on Monday, March 11, at 1pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend and give public comments. This is a great chance for everybody who wants great transit to speak on behalf of better funding for transit, especially if you live in Detroit. Recent improvements in DDOT have been great; there are still improvements to be made and we need sufficient funding to make positive changes continue.

A photo of the side of a new DDOT bus, showing the logo with green lines behind it.

If you are unable to attend the hearing but you would like to send in a public comment, you can do so here. If you are a Detroit resident and you would also like to contact your Councilperson expressing your support for ample funding for DDOT, you can find their contact information by clicking on their portrait here.

The hearing will be at 1pm on Monday, March 11, on the 13th floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (CAYMC). It is located at 2 Woodward Ave in the heart of Downtown Detroit. The hearing will be on the 13th floor. Please remember to be prepared to go through the metal detectors at CAYMC.