UPDATE: Openings on TRU’s Board Extended Until Dec 15

Update 12/7: We’re please to have six strong applications submitted, but since a few others are still working on theirs, we’re extending the deadline for applications until Friday December 15 (but NO later). 

Do you want to help shape the future of Detroit area transit?

TRU is accepting applications to join our Board of Directors and we might be looking for someone just like you!

New board members Tanise Hill (right) and Julie Tschirhart (left) with Board Chair Kelly Logan (middle) at 2017 Annual Meeting

TRU’s Board of Directors sets our policies and goals, ensures TRU has the financial resources to succeed, and is responsible for our legal obligations and organizational values. Board members are also often on the committees that, with staff, get our work done.

To ensure our region is ready to invest in world class transit, TRU seeks to grow our board into 2018 to unlock doors to new resources and relationships. We want a Board that reflects the best of Detroit: Diverse, dynamic and dedicated to getting the job done. We are especially seeking people who well-connected throughout the region’s business and civic leadership, as well as people who have a knack for finding funding and framing a powerful message.

Please review our Guide for Prospective Board Members to learn more. You can apply online or download the application and email it to info@DetroitTransit.org. The deadline is December 4 Friday December 15, after which TRU’s Executive Board will evaluate Board candidates in comparison to the skills and connections we need on our Board and make recommendations to the full Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified by January 12 if they are being recommended to TRU’s membership to join the Board. The membership will vote to approve the board slate at our January 25 Annual meeting. 

For more information, contact TRU’s Board Development Chair Stephen Maiseloff at (248) 302-0317 or Stephen@DetroitTransit.org.