Demanding Solutions for ALL the James Robertsons

Thanks so much to the 1,400 people who signed our petition demanding real transit solutions to ALL the James Robertsons in our community!

It is outrageous that this man had to walk 21 miles every day just to get to work and home. Our region’s transit system failed him and fail thousands of others like him every day.

  • Rochester Hills has failed to provide basic bus service so people can get to work.
  • Oakland County has failed to create a transit system that serves the entire county.
  • SMART has failed to provide bus service to the destinations people need to reach.
  • DDOT has failed to provide the 24-hour bus service that would bring James home.
  • Detroit has failed to provide DDOT sufficient funds to run all the service residents need.
  • The Regional Transit Authority has failed to move quickly enough to improve transit coordination and fill in serious gaps.
  • The Michigan Legislature has failed to provide sufficient funding to transit agencies across the state to keep up with demand.

Each one of the entities should take this story to heart and take prompt action to fix these transit gaps, for James and the thousands of people like him.

Transit problems do not have quick or easy solutions. Yet they can be solved.

  • Rochester Hills City Council can put SMART bus service on the ballot and their residents can choose to eliminate this huge gap in transit service.
  • Oakland County Commission can create a county-wide transit system, like Macomb does.
  • SMART can restore all-day service into Detroit so people like James can get home.
  • Detroit can provide DDOT with the funds they need so they can restore 24-hour service.
  • The Michigan Legislature can allocate additional funds to transit across Michigan.
  • And statewide voters can approve the May 5 transportation ballot measure to provide more funds for roads, transit, and other essential services.

Over the next few weeks, we will be delivering these 1,400 petition signatures to the leaders of SMART, DDOT, the RTA, and Rochester Hills and reporting back to you and all the signers their commitments to improve transit service.

Stay tuned!!