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RTA Board Meeting

May 17, 2018 @ 2:00 pm
Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan Offices
1001 Woodward Ave #1400
Detroit, MI 48226
Virginia Lickliter
313- 402-1020.

Let's Talk Transit! A Project to Build Public Support

What's the biggest barrier to great Detroit regional transit? Too many people throughout southeast Michigan who only drive know little about transit and don't feel that it matters to them. Because they don't feel a connection, they vote against transit funding and their elected officials do litt[...]

The Newly Proposed Regional Transit: Move More People to More Places More Frequently

The Regional Transit Authority is considering a new possible Regional Transit Plan and wants your feedback! A team led by Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has spent the past year listening to people's feedback, concerns, and complaints about the Regional Transit Plan that was adopted by the RTA [...]