Give Thanks. Give Back. Get Involved!

The holiday season is an important time to not only give thanks for the many good things you have but also to give back to the community that helped provide them.

If you agree that a great public transit system would be a great benefit to the greater Detroit region, here are three important ways you can give back:

1) Apply to join TRU’s Board of Directors!

TRU’s board of directors sets our policies and goals through strategic planning, ensures TRU has the financial resources to succeed, and is responsible for TRU’s adherence to our legal obligations and organizational values. Board members are also important commuTRU Board of Directors 2014nity ambassadors.

Our board of directors should reflect the best of the Detroit region: Diversity, innovation and dedication to getting the job done. Maybe you have experience in public transit issues, or economic/community development, or maybe you have a knack for politics or fundraising, or are well connected to decision makers in the region. If so, please look through TRU’s Guide to Board Membership to learn more about TRU, the responsibilities you would take up as a board member and what your next steps would be to explore making that happen. TRU board applications deadline has been extended to January 6.

2) Apply to join the RTA’s Citizens Advisory Committee

RTA CAC of 2014The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) serves at the pleasure of the RTA Board of Directors. The CAC will be asked to advise the RTA on transit issues related to their communities, make suggestions for improvements in transit service, and advocate for greater funding for public transportation.

The CAC meets monthly on the fourth Monday of the month. Regular attendance is expected. Members will have the opportunity to volunteer for subcommittees and advisory roles as liaisons to major RTA planning projects. Apart from general membership meetings, CAC members will be expected to contribute at least 5 additional hours per month in public engagement and education activities.

To apply, complete the RTA’s online form by December 16, 2015. For more information about the CAC or the application process, please email the RTA at or call 313-402-1020.

3) Donate to Support Transit Advocacy

We recognize that time is a limited commodity and that your time is valuable. If you can’t invest the time in TRU’s Board or the RTA’s CAC, please support our efforts financially! Your donation enables TRU staff to do the education, engagement, and advocacy that our region needs to develop a great transit system.

The best way to support TRU is by become a monthly sustainer. It’s quick and easy for you and provides us reliable, sustainable support throughout the year.

Of course, one time gifts are great as well! Thanks!!


As you give thanks this holiday season, think about how you can best give back. Then get involved with Detroit transit advocacy!!