Intern with TRU

TRU is seeking smart, enthusiastic students and others to get actively involved in improving public transit throughout greater Detroit. 

Positions vary depending on current projects and priorities, but may include the following:

  • Business Engagement Intern
    • Many businesses recognize transit as key to revitalizing Detroit and boosting our economy. Help us better engage the business community in advocating for improved transit with targeted information and outreach efforts.
  • Fundraising Event Intern 
    • The single most important and marketable nonprofit skill is fundraising. Build your skills and help ensure TRU has the finances to improve transit by helping arrange a pair of unique and exciting fundraising events.
  • Design & Marketing Intern
    • Did you know that Greater Detroit has an official transit plan? Few people do and we need a creative intern to design attractive marketing materials to promote the plan and build broad public support.
  • Community Outreach Intern
    • The success of transit improvement efforts depend on an educated and supportive community. Build transit understanding and support throughout southeast Michigan by helping arrange and manage community engagement events and TRU outreach at community festivals.
  • Faces of Transit Intern / Story Teller
    • A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video, many times more so. Improve support for transit by telling the personal stories of transit riders and supporters through videos, pictures, and more.
  • Social Media Intern
    • Billions of internet users may want to know about Detroit transit and you can help! Improve TRU’s website and utilize Facebook, YouTube, Google AdWorks, and other social media to better educate and engage people in improving Detroit transit
Kristen testifying before the Michigan House Transportation Committee on the struggles of people with disabilities living in opt-out communities
Some interns testify before local or state officials about the importance of transit

To apply, send a resume to TRU staff, along with a cover letter explaining why you are interested and what you can bring to the position.

As a grassroots advocacy organization, our goals are big but our budget is small. Most internships are unpaid, although a stipend may be provided in some circumstances. We provide all interns free bus passes. We are happy to work with any college or university to enable our interns to get course credit, if the intern arranges it with their school.