Let’s Talk Transit! A Project to Build Public Support

What’s the biggest barrier to great Detroit regional transit?

Too many people throughout southeast Michigan who only drive know little about transit and don’t feel that it matters to them.

Because they don’t feel a connection, they vote against transit funding and their elected officials do little to support the transit investment our region needs.

Are you ready to be part of the solution?

To improve our region’s transit, we need to educate and engage more people than ever before. And 30 second ads won’t cut it.

So TRU has developed Let’s Talk Transit to train passionate transit supporters to go talk with neighborhood associations, civic clubs, and other community groups, teaching them the truth about transit and learning how transit could best benefit their community. 

You can make it happen in three ways:

1.Train to join the Let’s Talk Transit speakers’ bureau! 

Learn more about the program, review the volunteer speaker expectations, and then sign up to volunteer! We’ll follow up with training times and other ways you can help!

2. Help identify and arrange groups with can meet with! 

We’re seeking groups throughout southeast Michigan that have regular meetings with guest speakers, especially groups that have not been previously involved in transit issues. Send your suggestions to info@DetroitTransit.org, providing any known contact information, and let us know if you can make an introduction or arrange the presentation.

3. Donate to support this important outreach! 

Your donation of $100 will teach 30 unengaged voters the importance of transit. A $10 donation can print transit materials for 200 people. We can’t achieve this without financial support, so please donate as generously as you can!

With questions, contact info@DetroitTransit.org.