Educate: Let’s Talk Transit

Car as american dream
For decades, ads, music, movies, and even public policy pushed the glories of the personal automobile.

For three generations, Detroit has been the Motor City, with few compelling public transit options. So it’s no wonder that most people in southeast Michigan have little knowledge or understanding of public transit.

That’s why we created Let’s Talk Transit – to educate and engage people all throughout the region about the facts and opportunities of transit and to seek their input on what their community most needs.

The audience: Any groups with regularly scheduled meetings of more than a dozen people who invite in guest speakers.

The speakers: Community leaders from diverse backgrounds throughout the region who are trained on transit facts, plans, and public engagement

The best speakers are peers who can relate to your audience and your community.

The presentation: a 15-30 minutes presentation, depending on available time, which covers:

  • Myths and facts (no, the auto companies aren’t blocking transit)
  • Current public transit and who needs it (1/3 people don’t drive)
  • Gaps and reasons for transit limitations
  • What’s possible for the future
  • What’s next in terms of plans and policies

The Engagement: Every presentation includes 5-20 minutes of discussion, Q&A, and audience input on their community’s mobility needs, concerns, and ideas

You are an expert on the needs of your community. That’s why a centerpiece of each presentation is discussion with and input from the audience.

We are proud to have received excellent feedback on these presentations. In our initial pilot phase, fully 92% of people who attended said they learned from it and 76% said they’re more likely to support transit investment in the future.

Interested? Get Involved!

To learn more, sign up to volunteer, or to arrange a presentation, contact TRU staff at 313-963-8872 or