Transportation Riders United
  • Share Your Transit Tale
    Has public transit made a difference in your life? Have you missed out on opportunities because of gaps and limited in our bus systems? Or has riding saved you money you can better invest elsewhere? Tell us about it!! TRU is seeking Transit Tales: Personal Public Transit Impact Stories that share the real-life impact Detroit area transit has had [ ... ]
  • A hand of an African-American person with pretty black nailpolish holding a blue Dart card up to a card readerNew DDOT and SMART Fares Launched May 1: Do you DART?
    DDOT and SMART offer a new combined bus pass! On Wednesday, May 1, DDOT and SMART launched a new shared fare system. This means changes in fares and new pass options. This also means a hassle-free, same card transfer between DDOT and SMART (About time, right?). The new system is called DART, combining DDOT and SMART. It features four passes which [ ... ]
  • My Transit Story: Growing Up with Transit
    When I was six years old my mom was in a car accident that totaled her car. We couldn’t afford another, so my dad decided to give his car to her and be car-less in the Motor City. Thus began my education in public transit. Read More... [ ... ]
  • Transit on Tap: Get on Board!
    Join TRU for another edition of Transit on Tap, our transit-oriented happy hour! We will meet up, hang out, and talk about ways to get more people on board transit. It’s informal, and everyone is welcome. Transit on TapThursday, April 25, 5-7pmUFO Factory, 2110 Trumbull in DetroitTake the 2 Michigan or the 29 Linwood bus! TOT doesn’t just stand [ ... ]
  • Could a Road Funding Boost be a Big Win for Transit too?
    We’ve all heard it endlessly for the past year and longer: “Fix the damn roads!!” Governor Whitmer is committed to doing just that, with no dodges, slight-of-hand, or gimmicks. Fixing Michigan’s roads will cost $2.5 billion, so she’s proposed a 45-cent gas tax increase to achieve that, while also moving education [ ... ]