Transportation Riders United

Support Regional Transit Investment

For a public transit system to be effective, it needs sufficient dedicated funding. Nearly every major metropolitan area has a dedicated transit tax that supports its construction and ongoing operation. Other than SMART’s very limited millage, our region lacks such a funding source.

Investing just a third of what most metro regions invest, we get what we pay for: not much.


In November, 2016, the new Regional Transit Authority will ask voters whether they’re willing to pay a little more in taxes or fees to invest in more and better transit. The only options are a property tax millage or a vehicle registration fee and the election must be a major November election.

Individuals Take Action: Tell the RTA board and your county executive that you support dedicated public investment in improved and expanded public transit.

TRU has joined with the Detroit Regional Chamber, MOSES, the Ecology Center, and others groups to create Connect Four: a coalition supporting regional transit investment. If your organization, business, or institution agrees with our vision that transit is worth investing in, please join us!

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