Transit Funding: Invest in Success or On the Chopping Block?

Michigan Leaders will decide in the next few days whether to support or to gut Michigan’s transportation funding!

ACT NOW: Tell legislators and Governor Snyder that Michigan needs a full range of reliable transportation choices. CALL TODAY and/or use our easy online tool to email your legislators.

Click above for more details and ways you can help save transit funding!!

Michigan Senate Fails on Transportation Funding

Yes the roads and buses are falling apart. Yes polls show strong voter support for more transportation funding. Yes thousands of concerned citizens made calls and send emails demanding action. (THANKS!!) But no, the legislature did NOT increase transportation for roads OR transit before leaving for their summer break and fall campaigning. So like the last 20+ years, …

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Congrats to New RTA CEO Michael Ford!

The RTA is finally ready to step on the gas, today voting unanimously to offer the position of CEO to Michael Ford.

He’s got great experience in Seattle, Portland and Ann Arbor. He understands the importance of substantive community engagement and is driven to make a real difference.

We at TRU look forward to the opportunity to work closely with him to make a transformational change in Detroit area transit!

Great TRU Spring Meeting on Transit Service and Coordination

Thanks so much to DDOT, SMART, M-1 RAIL, Detroit People Mover, and AAATA The Ride for presenting at TRU’s Spring Meeting April 3! All provided great updates on service improvements, funding challenges, coordination efforts, and plans for the future.

Presenters participated in a Q&A led by Ruth Johnson, during which riders were encouraged to call in complaints with specific details on times and routes so management can know what’s going on and take action to make improvements.