TRU Supports Prop 1 to Fund Michigan Transportation

TRU supports passage of Prop 1 on May 5, 2015 because it will increase funding for public transit and other transportation needs without harming schools, cities, low-income families, or other important budget priorities.

While it is a complex proposal that is not anyone’s ideal solution, Michigan will be better off if it passes than if it fails. That is the most critical evaluation of any proposal.

Prop 1 will provide essential funding for important priorities:

Prop 1 will provide $115 million per year in funding for public transit agencies throughout Michigan above current levels, once fully implemented.
Of that, over $50 million a year will support DDOT and SMART (together), likely enabling expanded bus service for seniors, low-income workers, and other riders.

Demanding Solutions for ALL the James Robertsons

Thanks so much to the 1,400 people who signed our petition demanding real transit solutions to ALL the James Robertsons in our community!

It is outrageous that this man had to walk 21 miles every day just to get to work and home. Our region’s transit system failed him and fail thousands of others like him every day.

Over the next few weeks, we will be delivering these 1,400 petition signatures to the leaders of SMART, DDOT, the RTA, and Rochester Hills and reporting back to you and all the signers their commitments to improve transit service.

Stay tuned!!

Extraordinary Commute Story Highlights Transit Failures

Have you heard the amazing story of James Robertson?

It is a story of personal determination and community generosity, yet also a powerful example of the failure of our regional transit system.

Join us in demanding swift action for everyone who struggles to get to work because our transit fails them. SIGN OUR PETITION TODAY!

Interactive Annual Meeting on Community Engagement

Thank you to everyone who came out for TRU’s 2015 Annual Meeting, which included three major components:

1) TRU’s Business meeting, featuring the election to the Board of Directors

2) The State of the Region’s Transit presentation by Executive Director Megan Owens

3) An interactive presentation and discussion of Community Engagement in Transit Decision-Making led by Assistant Director Ruth Johnson

See pictures, download documents, and learn lots more about this great event.