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TRU’s Take: Fixing the Transit System that Failed “The Walking Man”

TRU’s Take: Fixing the Transit System that Failed “The Walking Man”

One year ago, the failure of the Detroit region’s public transit system drew national and even international attention and scorn when the Detroit Free Press ran a feature story on James Robertson’s 21-mile walk to work. And rightfully so. His commute spotlighted some of the worst gaps in our region’s public transit.

Over the past year, our region has taken some important steps forward, restoring some 24-hour service and exploring seemless cross-county service.

Yet far more remains to be done. Until then, the thousands of James Robertsons of our region will continue to struggle with the most basic travel to work and other necessities.

TRU’s 2015 Year-in-Review

TRU’s 2015 Year-in-Review

This year has seen significant transit progress , including M-1 Rail construction, new DDOT buses, RTA rapid transit planning, and more.

These improvements don’t happen randomly or in a vacuum. It is only through many years of dedicated advocacy work by TRU and our partners and allies that transit has finally begun to turn around. Our work in 2015 included:
1) Promoting the benefits of transit investment through 50 media hits and 25 community presentations,
2) Community engagement with more than 1,400 people at 20 different festivals and other events,
3) Advancing and watchdogging the work of the Regional Transit Authority,
4) Seizing upon unanticipated opportunities to draw public attention to the importance of transit,
5) Bringing supporters together in a regional transit coalition called Momentum and
6) Celebrating transit champions at the Regional Transit Awards dinner.

Details and images included. We also said goodbye to longtime transit advocate Marcia Yakes. Read on to learn more.

Demanding Solutions for ALL the James Robertsons

Thanks so much to the 1,400 people who signed our petition demanding real transit solutions to ALL the James Robertsons in our community!

It is outrageous that this man had to walk 21 miles every day just to get to work and home. Our region’s transit system failed him and fail thousands of others like him every day.

Over the next few weeks, we will be delivering these 1,400 petition signatures to the leaders of SMART, DDOT, the RTA, and Rochester Hills and reporting back to you and all the signers their commitments to improve transit service.

Stay tuned!!