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The State of Detroit Area Transit: Limited yet Improving

The State of Detroit Area Transit: Limited yet Improving

The State of Detroit Transit is Improving!

After many years of struggle and decline, public transit is finally starting to get better. It’s far from good enough, with too many people still waiting for late buses or left completely without options. Yet improvements are coming and the future looks bright.

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is actively planning rapid transit on Woodward, Gratiot, and Michigan Ave, while also evaluating developing a plan to improve transit through the entire four-county region.

DDOT has made major improvements from their horrendous service a year ago. With new buses and drivers, they are finally providing nearly 100% of their scheduled service, with even more improvements to come.

Read on for more information and details of Detroit area transit progress in 2015.

The Regional Transit Authority at 2 Years Old

It was 2 years ago that TRU, MOSES and other partners welcomed the first meeting of the RTA Board of Directors with a birthday card, balloons, cake, and high expectations. It’s taken a while, but the RTA is now starting to really take off:
– The RTA is now fully staffed with a new Outreach Manager and Planning Director.
– The RTA staff is attending numerous community events throughout the region to learn what the public wants.
– Starting mid-May, the RTA will be launching a major public outreach and engagement effort.
– The Providers and Citizens Advisory Committees have been hard at work.
– And RTA staff is working to provide on-the-ground transit improvements within the next year.

Stay tuned for LOTS more information.

Join us for TRU’s Annual Meeting

Join us for TRU’s Annual Meeting

RSVP today for TRU’s 2015 Annual Meeting on Community Engagement in Transit Decision-Making

When: Thursday , January 22, 2015, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Where: Wayne State Law School Auditorium – 471 W. Palmer St. in midtown Detroit.

Learn how to get your community engaged in the regional transit planning process
Discover best practices for public involvement in transit decision-making
Find out about upcoming opportunities to shape transit plans and priorities
Plus vote on new TRU board members (if you’ve donated this year)

Everyone welcome to attend, so bring a friend!