Welcome to TRU’s New Board Members, Thanks to Outgoing Members

TRU, like all nonprofit organizations, is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. The board sets our policies and goals through strategic planning, ensures TRU has the financial resources to succeed and is responsible for TRU’s adherence to our legal obligations and organizational values. Board members are also important community ambassadors. TRU seeks a board of directors that reflects the best of Detroit: Diversity, innovation and dedication to getting the job done.

New board members Tanise Hill (right) and Julie Tschirhart (left) with Board Chair Kelly Logan (middle) at Annual Meeting
New board members Tanise Hill (right) and Julie Tschirhart (left) with Board Chair Kelly Logan (middle) at Annual Meeting

At TRU’s Annual Meeting on January 30, current TRU members voted to approve a new slate of Board Members. Following an open call for applications, TRU’s Board Development Committee and current Board members voted to recommended the following slate of candidates:

  • Sam Butler, a community development professional from SW Detroit with a Masters in Urban Planning who is the Director of Doing Development Differently in Metro Detroit (D4)
  • Tanise Hill, a Detroiter who works for the Metro Detroit AFL-CIO collaborating between labor, community groups and faith-based organizations and chair of Interfaith Worker Justice
  • Julie Tschirhart, a U of M Urban Planning Master student focused on transportation planning who grew up riding SMART and DDOT and regularly rides Ann Arbor’s transit

All three will serve three-year terms from January 2017 through December of 2019, joining TRU’s other 14 Board members.

Deena Fox eloquently presenting at TRU's 2014 Awards dinner
Deena Fox eloquently presenting at TRU’s 2014 Awards dinner

At the Annual Meeting, TRU Board President Kelly Logan provided a special thank you to two outgoing Board members:

  • Deena Fox, who was term-limited off the board after serving for six years. A leader at ROSSETTI, Deena shared her talents for project management and design to strengthen TRU, including launching our now-annual Regional Transit Awards dinner.
  • Michele Prud’homme, a retired accountant and active musician, served at TRU’s Treasurer for the past year but must step down due to scheduling conflicts. She is committed to continuing to support TRU’s Awards dinner and other activities.

We greatly appreciate these wonderful leaders and all of TRU’s volunteer leaders, without whom our work would not be possible.