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The TRU community won big on county transit ballot measures, demonstrating that our transit advocacy works.

Next up: Leverage that momentum to seize the opportunity of new state leadership to win big for transit in the Michigan Legislature.

In this year’s successful campaign to defend transit in Macomb County and expand transit throughout all of Oakland County, we took on not only the zealously anti-tax opposition, but also the skeptics who said it couldn’t be done or that it wasn’t the right time.

We demonstrated that when TRU mobilizes dozens of organizations to work together and enables hundreds of people to speak out to elected officials who aren’t opposed to transit, we can win big for transit!

Now we’re taking the fight to Lansing!

It’s time to demand the State of Michigan fairly fund public transit and finally make Michigan’s transportation system part of the climate solution, instead the problem.

Michigan must choose whether to continue the same old spending on roads, highways, and parking – and get more traffic jams, deadly crashes, and worsened climate crisis. Or Michigan can become part of the climate solution by investing in providing sustainable, affordable transit and mobility options that improve access for all Michiganders.

Why now? For the first time in 40 years, the Michigan Legislature has leaders who understand the value transit. Critical transit investments that were blocked in the past by rural anti-tax legislators are finally possible. But with so many diverse needs facing Michigan, transit improvement is far from guaranteed. Your support can make it happen!

For decades, the state has spent more than 12 times more on roads and highways than on transit, rail, bikes, and all non-road transportation put together. Transit agencies across Michigan depend on the state for a significant part of the funding that keeps their buses rolling, but that funding has been stagnant for decades while expenses and needs grow.

TRU is ready to fight for the transit our state needs!

We’re ready to take proven solutions to the legislature and make a powerful case why they’re great for working families, our economy, our climate, and more.

  • Increased transit funding to enable more balanced transportation investments after decades of neglect;
  • More options for local communities to invest in transit, including amending the RTA so we can get regional transit back on the ballot;
  • Valuing climate change in transportation decision-making so transportation can finally be part of the climate solution; and
  • Making Michigan’s streets safer for everyone using them, especially people who walk, ride, or roll.

But transforming Michigan’s transportation system after decades of auto supremacy won’t be easy.

We need your support!

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Big opportunities for big changes require big resources! Help ensure we can seize this big legislative leadership change. Please donate generously to TRU today!

Your support will enable TRU to bring supporters together around smart solutions.

We have a strategy prepared for how to get the legislator’s attention and support for these critical policies.

  • Bring dozens of organizations together around critical transit policies;
  • Communicate a clear, persuasive case for those policy changes;
  • Educate new and returning legislators about complex but essential transportation policy needs, issues and stories; and
  • Mobilize dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals statewide to speak out to demand great transit.

We’ve got a demonstrated record of success.

We’ve got a great team of advocates on TRU’s staff.

We have a powerful set of allies and partners all throughout the state ready to come together.

Now we need you.