Join the Thunderclap of support for transit funding!

The White House has proposed severe cuts to public transportation.

Join us in telling Congress that cuts to public transportation will hurt American communities, cost jobs, and reduce our quality of life. Congress must also include investment in public transportation as part of any new infrastructure initiative.

Our outreach will have a bigger impact if we do it all at the same time, and Tuesday, Oct. 10 is the big day. During the #Rally4Transit, we’ll be sending emails, speaking out on social media, sending letters to the editor of our local media outlets, and more. Please sign up for our Thunderclap and add your name to our petition today!


This fall, Congress will be negotiating the FY2018 federal budget and appropriations. Lawmakers need to hear that public transportation is a priority for the American people and deserves to be fully funded. We also need to remind Congress to include public transit as a part of any new infrastructure initiative. You can help by being part of Voices for Public Transit’s #Rally4Transit Thunderclap.

We are calling on Congress to renew our nation’s historic commitment to public transportation in the upcoming budget. The Administration and some members of Congress have proposed cuts to public transportation that may stall or undermine current and future public transit projects. We must tell Congress that cuts to public transportation will hurt American communities and our economy, cost jobs, reduce public safety, and increase traffic congestion.

Public transit infrastructure investment generates economic benefits, helps communities attract business development, supports job growth, relieves traffic congestion, and helps lift people out of poverty. Conversely, proposed cuts would jeopardize 800,000 jobs and $90 billion in economic output.

TRU is proud to join in this effort with Voices for Public Transit, a nationwide movement of Americans who support public transportation.

Please join our #Rally4Transit Thunderclap to demonstrate to Congress that support for federal funding of public transportation is both broad and deep across America in communities of all sizes.