More Service, New Numbers, and a New Look: DDOT's Connect10 Plan

An image of a DDOT bus stop with a bike leaning against it. It is morning and the clouds are luminous with sunlight
Photo by Amanda Rosales.

DDOT has recently launched big improvements, adding 500 trips a week, under a new brand called ConnectTen. Perhaps you’ve already noticed that your longtime route has a new number, or seen the freshly wrapped, green buses around the city! Here’s a summary of the changes you can expect.

New Route Numbers

The ten routes that are used by 60% of DDOT riders have been renumbered 1-10, in some cases replacing route numbers that have been in place since the days of Detroit’s streetcars. The goal is to make route numbers more straightforward, and easier to understand for new riders.

A list of the updated route numbers
These are the ConnectTen routes! Each one of these routes will now:

–Run 24 hours a day, making life easier for shift workers and those who enjoy Detroit’s rich nightlife.
–Run every 15 minutes or better during peak hours (6a-9p and 3p-6p on weekdays). This is a step towards being able to ride without having to check a schedule to see when a bus is running!
–Have sharp new, light green wraps.
–Feature wifi service.
–Offer $7 Lyft ride credits between 11pm and 5am on weekdays. This is an expansion of a service that has been piloted on the Woodward route. Click here for details.
An image of a new DDOT bus outside. It has a light green wrap with bright rays emanating from the back of the bus
Mayor Duggan stated at a recent press conference that “We want to prove what we can do on 10 routes, and within the next two or three years, you’ll see all service upgraded.”
TRU is thrilled to see these new improvements which are a great step forward in both attracting potential new riders and improving the riders experience for those who are already using the system.