Royal Oak has a chance to do what the region couldn’t!

While region-wide transit expansion is not on the November ballot, residents of Royal Oak DO have a chance to improve and expand transit in their community!

On the November ballot will be Royal Oak Public Transit (ROPT) – a 1.25 millage to:

  1. Expand senior to include nights and weekends,
  2. Increase current SMART bus service frequency and hours, and
  3. Add two new local SMART bus routes!.

If you live in Royal Oak:

Please VOTE YES on Royal Oak Public Transit!

If you live elsewhere:

Please urge your friends to VOTE YES on Royal Oak Public Transit!


  • Royal Oak public transit will connect residents to local and regional destinations: places like the Zoo, Farmers Market, downtown Royal Oak, Beaumont Hospital and sporting events days, nights and weekends, without having to rely on a car!
  • ROPT would cover the entire city, operate days, nights and weekends and come every 15 to 30 minute using the latest technology.
  • ROPT would expand current SMART bus service to run more frequently and more hours.
  • ROPT would add two new SMART bus routes connecting areas in Royal Oak that aren’t current connected.
  • ROPT would double funding for paratransit – the special curb-to-curb shuttles for seniors and people with disabilities, so it could operate evenings and weekends (which is doesn’t do now).
  • With ROPT, SMART will buy 14 new buses for Royal Oak.
  • ROPT expands on existing SMART service so you can connect to the FAST bus to catch a ball game or show in Detroit.
  • ROPT could decrease downtown traffic and decrease pressure on downtown parking by giving people more options to get around.
  • ROPT gives people the choice not to drive everywhere they go all the time.

So vote YES for Royal Oak Public Transit on November 6! This service will be real transportation residents of all ages and abilities can use to shop for groceries, get to the doctor, visit the Farmer’s Market or go to dinner before a play at Stagecrafters – all without having to rely on a car or pay for expensive parking.

Please remind everyone you know in Royal Oak to VOTE YES for Royal Oak Public Transit on November 6!

Print this to give to Royal Oak friends!

And whether you live in RO or not, you can donate directly to this campaign or volunteer to support this important effort too!

Sure, town by town isn’t the best way to expand transit, but TRU is strongly in support of any effort to improve and expand transit to serve as many people as possible as quickly as possible! This is a good step towards better transit.