What’s Next for the RTA: This Week on Tapping into Transit

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This week on Tapping into Transit, we are joined by Ben Stupka from the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Despite an RTA millage not being on the ballot this year, the RTA remains busy with new regional transit developments. During the brief conversation, Ben details just exactly who is the RTA, and what role the RTA plays in delivering transit services alongside providers (DDOT, SMART).

Role of the RTA

What’s next for the RTA?

  • Needs survey of senior riders and riders with disabilities
  • Mobile app for booking SMART & DDOT paratransit service
  • a Mobility Orientated Development study
  • Substantive improvements for existing bus service (especially along the Woodward Cooridor)

Stupka also discussed the RTA’s role in deciding Detroit transit policy. Regarding distribution of funding to DDOT & SMART

“One of the formal roles the RTA has in that regard is….all of the formula funding that comes from the federal and state government to all the transit providers actually flows thru the RTA”

Ben Stupka, RTA

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