SMART is expanding on September 11th!

The first wave of SMART bus expansion is coming! Starting Monday, September 11th, SMART will begin serving Bloomfield Hills, Novi, and Wixom.

It’s part of a bigger plan to extend bus service into new communities before the end of 2023, enabled by Oakland County voters choosing to go “all-in” back in November 2022.

Detailed list of route changes. Visit SMART’s website for more information.

Soon, bus riders will enjoy access to destinations like Twelve Oaks Mall, Suburban Collection, and Ascension Providence Hospital. Bloomfield Hills is receiving one pair of bus stops on Woodward. Also, commuters from Novi will be able to get directly to Detroit on the Grand River Park & Ride.

Although new bus stop signs will be installed within a few weeks, SMART has stated that accessibility improvements like concrete pads and shelters will be installed later, once they figure out which stops have the greatest usage and need.

Plan on riding the new routes yourself? If so, let us know! Post a picture on social media & tag @DetroitTransit. Let’s celebrate the good news!

Why it matters

It’s been 28 years since SMART buses last operated in Novi, and SMART will serve Wixom for the first time ever! This historic restoration of transit in Oakland County resulted from many hands working together. Elected officials who value transit, informed voters, and especially the active efforts of TRU staff & volunteers collectively contributed to transit victory.

With SMART services operating in Novi & Wixom, some of the region’s fastest growing communities, more people can get more places. Seniors and people with disabilities will have greatly improved options for independent travel. Surely, employers will also appreciate the growing labor pool they can tap into when transit helps workers reach jobs.

Take action to ensure SMART keeps rolling!

Mercifully, no significant service cuts have been announced for the 11th, but SMART plans to make service reductions before the end of 2023. SMART’s ongoing bus driver shortage puts Oakland County expansion plans in jeopardy. Without enough drivers, no-show buses and reduced service – things that many transit agencies have fixed since the pandemic – will continue.

Read our Save Our Service” research report to learn more about the bus crisis in Metro Detroit.