Michigan Roads Package: Some Silver Linings, But Major Dark Clouds

The Michigan Legislature finally passed a “Roads Funding” package of bills which the Governor has said he will sign into law. Unfortunately, the package was really the least they could do, the very least.

There are a few silver linings in the package, including $60 million a year for Michigan’s transit agencies, adjustments for inflation, and more flexibility for Detroit to invest in transit.

But it also has some mayor dark clouds, including long delays before implementation, only half of the funding from new revenue, and threats to other budget priorities in years to come.

Read on for more details.

Michigan Senate Passed Mediocre Transportation Funding Package

The Michigan Senate voted July 1 on their alternative to a transportation funding package, passing it with mostly Republicans votes. While far better than the House version, it remains insufficient.

We applaud that it would provide roughly $80 million more a year for transit, but are concerned that transit gets only 5% of the total funding and only budget priorities are threatened.

We strongly urge the legislature to improve upon the Senate version and reject the House version, providing sufficient stable funding to our full transportation system without gutting other state budget priorities.

Michigan Senate Fails on Transportation Funding

Yes the roads and buses are falling apart. Yes polls show strong voter support for more transportation funding. Yes thousands of concerned citizens made calls and send emails demanding action. (THANKS!!) But no, the legislature did NOT increase transportation for roads OR transit before leaving for their summer break and fall campaigning. So like the last 20+ years, …

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Mich Senate Proposes Major New Road and Transit Funding!!

Michigan last increased funding for public transit in 1987. Despite growing demand, bus agencies don’t have the funds they need to provide the service people demand. But that might finally change!!

The Senate Infrastructure modernization committee today passed bills to increase transportation funding, including up to $150 million for transit!

However the House voted to largely cut transit out of the funding.

Please call or email your legislators TODAY! Tell them you’re willing to pay a little more for improved transportation, IF it includes public transit like the Senate package does.