Mayor Mike Duggan

Despite COVID Decline, DDOT Remains in Crisis!

“Average Weekday Pull out PM: 65%” It sounds neutral enough, until you know what it means: Every day, many scheduled buses aren’t operating and riders are left stranded. During April and May, 3 out of every 10 buses that were supposed to pull out of the bus garage each afternoon didn’t. That means 3 out …

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Detroit region’s leaders on regional transit and COVID-19

The so-called “Big Four” usually come together in public several times a year discussing several top regional issues, often featuring regional transit. Not so in 2020. But they did each talk with Carol Cain on the Michigan Matters program on CBS 62 on December 10, discussing COVID, the economy, and regional transit. “It seems a …

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Urgent Strategy for Great Transit!

What’s next for regional transit? We’ve got a three-part strategy:

1) TRU members and allies seem to agree that a full four-county region-wide transit investment would be best. We need people from outer suburbs to be vocal supporters to counter the misperception that their communities don’t want transit!

2) If 4-county transit isn’t possible, Wayne and Washtenaw Counties would be better making major transit investments connecting their communities. Thank leaders from Detroit, Wayne, and Washtenaw Counties and urge them to make a regional transit investment happen this year!

3) TRU is also working to make sure whatever goes back on the ballot has broad voter support. Help us educate people with no transit experience about the benefits of transit while listening to their ideas and concerns, through our Let’s Talk Transit community engagement program.

The end of the RTA as we know it?

Who’s in charge of regional transit? It’s supposed to be the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) which was created by state law to explicitly coordinate and improve public transit throughout the four counties of southeast Michigan. Yet on Thursday, November 16, the Regional Transit Authority appears to give up and close up shop. At their Nov …

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QLINE Streetcar Opens in Detroit!

Streetcars have officially returned to Detroit after a 61 year absence! The M-1 Rail QLINE officially opened to the public on May 12 with great fanfare and immediate crowds enthusiastic to ride for the first time. Speakers during the grand opening captured the sentiment well: “Let’s celebrate this victory and let this be the first …

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