Transit Tuesday Talks: Next up Oakland County Expansion 5/23

TRU is hosting a series of Transit Tuesday Talks!

Following the success of our State of Transit events, these monthly events bring transit leaders, riders, advocates, and allies together to dig into important transit issues facing the Detroit region.

Some are solely virtual, others are primarily in person with an online option. We’re going to different parts of the region and partnering with a range of different groups to spotlight all the key transit issues. And we’re bringing in a range of transit leaders and experts to share what they know and to answer your questions.

Up next: May 23, we’ll head up to Pontiac for an update on SMART’s expansion throughout more of Oakland County in partnership with Oakland Forward!

  • Where: At the Baldwin Center, 212 Baldwin Street in Pontiac
  • When: Tuesday, May 23, 6:00pm
    • Networking reception starts at 5:45pm (for in-person attendees)
    • Program starts at 6:15pm
  • Hosted by
    • Transportation Riders United
    • Oakland Forward
  • Speakers Include
    • Dave Woodward, Oakland County Commission Chair
    • Bernard Parker, SMART Vice President of External Affairs

Future Events:

June 20 will focus on mobility in downtown Detroit, with speakers from QLINE and the Detroit People Mover

July 18 will focus on biking, active transportation, and pedestrian accessibility, with speakers from Detroit Greenways Coalition

We’re considering future Transit Tuesday Talks focused on:

  • The needs of our allies with disabilities for great transit;
  • How rural transit works today and how it can be improved; and

What topics would you like to hear more about? Send your ideas to Deb @!

We look forward to seeing you!

Past events:

April 18 – Earth Day-themed event

Around Earth Day, TRU and allies discussed how public transportation can be a critical part of the solution to the climate crisis with policy actions by state and local leaders.

March: DDOT

On March 28, we went to Detroit’s Eastside Community Network to focus on DDOT, with special guest Mikel Oglesby, Detroit Director of Transit. He provided updates and took questions on:

  • The DDOT Reimagined planning process,
  • The driver shortage / bus no-show crisis,
  • Bringing more of paratransit in-house, and
  • How DDOT fares in the City budget.

First Transit Tuesday Talk – February 21 – on Transit Funding

This first event was Tuesday February 21 from 6-7pm on Zoom focused on transit budgets, including

  • What it takes to get buses and drivers providing riders to tens of thousands of riders each day,
  • How Detroit, the region, and the State of Michigan have funded transit over time,
  • What we can learn from how other metro regions fund their transit,
  • What it will take to provide sufficient stable funding for the transit our communities need,
  • And what YOU can do to join the fight for the transit funding we need!

Review the Transit Funding slides here