Why Vote Yes for Regional Transit – Talking Points

Several people have asked for some quick talking points that they can share with friends, family and neighbors to explain why they should Vote Yes for Regional Transit on November 8. Here are a few ideas:

The Regional Transit plan will provide several great new transit services:

  1. 9Convenient affordable Airport Express service from all throughout region so you can get to Metro Airport without hassling friends or paying way too much for a taxi or parking
  2. A Regional Rail train service finally connecting Detroit, Dearborn and Wayne with Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti (and an express bus route along the same route until the train gets launched)
  3. Fast frequent Bus Rapid Transit along Woodward, Gratiot and Michigan Avenues, providing convenient transit just as fast as driving while you relax with wi-fi on the way to work or the ballgame

While these new services are exciting and will likely attract new riders, arguably more important are the expansions in transit service for people who depend on it every day. The Regional Transit plan will also:

  1. rta-plan-map-smallConnect people to jobs in more places, including to jobs centers like Novi, Livonia, and Rochester that currently can’t be reached by transit
  2. Help seniors remain independent by expanding the paratransit service that provides pre-scheduled rides from a senior’s home to their doctor, shopping and elsewhere
  3. Connect our communities with seamless travel throughout the region – no more waiting to switch buses at 8 Mile or other borders

Even if you never ride transit, you will benefit from our region having a more reliable seamless regional transit system. Experts have evaluated transit throughout the nation and found that effective regional transit means: bus rider Metro

  1. An economic boost of $4 return for every $1 invested, created by new jobs created, new development near transit, money not dumped in the gas tank, and other efficiencies
  2. Employers will have more reliable employees with less turnover and less retraining costs
  3. Our region will attract and retain more talented young professionals, many of whom are now moving away to places like Chicago, DC, San Francisco or Atlanta

Our region will achieve all of that with a 1.2 mil property tax that will cost the average household $96 per year. Even after it is implemented, our region will still pay among the lowest per capita investment in transit in the nation.

Those are just a few of benefits of the regional transit plan and reasons to support it. To build on the above, here are three important ways you can support regional transit:

  1. yesfortransit-square-logoVote Yes for Regional Transit! Everyone in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties, including the City of Detroit, will be asked to vote on regional transit.
    • And FYI, absentee voting starts September 24 for anyone who thinks they might be away from the polls on Election Day. Don’t wait until Nov 8 – go to your city clerk to cast your ballot for regional transit.
  2. Urge your friends and family to Vote Yes! Many people don’t know transit is on the ballot so we need your help to spread the word to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers:
    • Forward TRU emails about the ballot measure. (If you’re not already getting them, sign up today.)
    • Share information on social media. Follow Vote Yes for Regional Transit on Facebook and @YesforTransit on Twitter and share those posts with your followers.
    • Arrange a transit presentation to a meeting of your neighborhood association, congregation, civic league or other community group. Send us the details to info@DetroitTransit.org and we’ll arrange someone to come present.
  3. donate kidDonate to TRU! We’ve been Detroit’s transit advocate for 17 years, laying the groundwork that made this vote possible. We’re working hard to make this vote successful and will continue to fight for more and better transit for many years to come. Our work is only possible through the generous contributions of transit supporters like you.
    • Your donation today is more important than ever: Donate before September 30 and a generous supporter will match it dollar for dollar!

Hopefully this help summarize what’s in the plan and why it’s great for our community. As always, if you have questions or need additional information:

  1. Contact the Regional Transit Authority at www.RTAmichigan.org for details on the plan itself
  2. Contact Citizens for Connecting our Communities at www.VoteYesforRegionalTransit.com
  3. Or contact TRU at info@DetroitTransit.org or 313-963-8872.