TRU's Been Riding DDOT with Duggan

Ruth and Duggan on DDOT on Ch 7 newsMayor Duggan went for a 3am bus ride with our own Ruth Johnson and a channel 7 news team to spotlight the newly restored 24-hour bus service.

For thousands of Detroiters getting to and from work every day just got a whole lot easier. Mayor Mike Duggan is riding together with us, to talk 24-hour bus service.
Ruth on DDOT on Ch 7

As the advocate leading TRU’s work to improve DDOT bus service, TRU Assistant Director Ruth Johnson was invited the join the Mayor. She spoke of the importance of a broad schedule of transit options.

“Typically, you don’t want to have to schedule life around the bus schedule. You want to be able to live your life,” says Ruth Johnson of Transit Riders United.

Mayor Duggan talked with the driver and riders, asking about how the service is working out for them. As a former bus chief, he recognizes how important it is to offer bus service between 2am and 5am, both for the individuals using it and for the overall economy.

Duggan on DDOT on Ch 7
“We won’t get huge numbers off the late night shift, but we’ll change a lot of lives,” says Mayor Duggan. “A big part of running a quality bus service is to drive down the unemployment rate and give people opportunity.”

Have you tried the newly restored 24-hour bus service? While initially only operating on Woodward, Gratiot, and Grand River, DDOT hopes to expand it to more routes in the near future.