Why Transit Matters: Sharing the Faces of Transit

This space serves as a welcoming forum for real people with real commutes to share their stories, in writing or as a video. Why is transit important to you or to your family?

Transportation Riders United is gathering personal stories about how public transit impacts people’s everyday lives, so that we can more effectively persuade the region that transit is worth investing in. Real life experiences are powerful. Your story may be crucial in demonstrating the need and building support for expanded transit. Please be as specific and descriptive as you can. We are seeking:

  • Written stories of the substantive impact of transit on people’s lives that we can include in donation letters and other fundraising documents.
  • Videos of people sharing why transit matters to them for our website, social media, and other visual promotion of the importance of transit.
  • Guest blogs with photos from people explaining their transit stories for our website, social media, and beyond. We may even want some of these to be submitted as op-eds to area media for broader distribution.

Program Wins

We may use these stories on our website and social media, with area media and elected officials, and in our mailings, newsletters, and fundraising materials, and elsewhere. By checking the below permissions, you allow us to share your story. Depending on how much detail you provide, this could take 3-10 minutes to complete.

Please tell us about your experience using Detroit area public transit and how it’s impacted your life. We’re especially interested in how transit impacts your life, negatively or positively, in major or modest ways. Please share as much detail and description as you feel comfortable sharing.

Share your impact story!