Big Changes at TRU

We moved!

TRU is excited to join 100 other great nonprofits, startups, and companies in TechTown‘s vibrant co-working space, Junction 440. It’s a great opportunity to not only save money by sharing printers, conference rooms, and internet, but also to get to know and work with many other creative people dedicated to improve our region.
The new office is at 440 Burroughs Street. It’s just a block west of Woodward (and the Amsterdam QLINE stop) right between Wayne State and New Center. And while we’d love to see you, we’re not always in, so please call before stopping by.
Please send mail to PO Box 2668, Detroit, MI 48202. The phone number (313-963-8872) and email addresses remain the same.

Our historic files and records have moved too.

In our move, we developed a great partnership with Wayne State University’s Walter P Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs. They were looking to develop a collection on our region’s transportation history. We were looking for a new home for twenty years worth of reports, notes, public statements, and other files.
So TRU’s Transportation Collection will now be housed within this esteemed library!
Once their archivists have reviewed, documented and organized the collection, researchers from around the region and across the world will be able to access our materials from highway expansion fights, our Riders Voice project, the Regional Transit Authority’s creation, rapid transit studies, and much much more. A win-win all around!
Special thanks to Karen Kendrick-Hands, Michael Whims, Ruth Johnson and everyone else who helped build, maintain, and organize this great collection!