Climate Campaign Updates: Kickoff, Media, Policy Analysis, and Mobilization

TRU has been very active on our Green Rides, Blue Skies campaign this summer! Here are a few recent updates:

Get Involved: Campaign Kickoff Sept 8

  • Get involved helping enable people to drive less and stop the growing climate crisis with TRU’s Green Rides, Blue Skies campaign!

You can play a critical role in mobilizing supporters from across Michigan to speak out for transit. Join our campaign kickoff meeting on Wednesday September 8 at 6pm to help develop plans to boost this important issue and mobilize hundreds of people to take action to support it.

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Media Attention: Free Press Op-Ed

“When will these big storms stop?”

That’s what my 11-year-old wanted to know, as we dumped from the fridge food spoiled after three days without electricity. . . .

Here in Michigan, Governor Whitmer directed state agencies back in February of 2019 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 26% by 2025 and appointed a Council on Climate Solutions to plan how Michigan will become carbon neutral by 2050. Yet the Michigan Department of Transportation is proposing a transportation plan through 2045 that largely ignores the climate crisis and the role of transportation as the single biggest source of climate pollution! Since we cannot slow down climate change without addressing how we move, Whitmer, MDOT, and the climate council need to stop with business-as-usual and instead make bold investments in making it easier for more Michiganders to walk, bike, and ride high-quality public transit.

Policy Analysis: Critique of MM2045

Policy Development: Drafting Transit Section of Climate Recommendations

  • TRU’s hard work has been paying off. TRU Director Megan Owens worked throughout the summer to develop effective, well-reasoned recommendations for how improved public transit can decrease driving, thus cut climate pollution. The Transportation and Mobility Workgroup of the Council on Climate Solutions has been sufficiently impressed by this work to utilize it as the basis for the recommendations the Workgroup will put forward to the full Council. In close partnership with the Michigan Environmental Council, the Ecology Center, and Detroit Greenways Coalition, along with feedback from many others, these recommendations have been updated and modified throughout the summer.

Group editing is never a pretty process, but its exciting to be part of creating critical policies to shape a more sustainable and equitable future for Michigan! The Transportation and Mobility Workgroup will finalize recommendations for the full Council in late September. Stay tuned!