Michigan's long-range transportation plan

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For the past year, the Michigan Department of Transportation has been working on a long range transportation plan – what Michigan’s transportation system should look and work like in 2030. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in the public meetings and surveys – they got the message loud and clear that the people of Michigan don’t want just more of the same: 

"The 2030 Preferred Public Vision is a transportation system oriented toward choices, access, integration, and regional sensitivity. The public sees transportation as fundamental to economic development and quality of life in Michigan. They desire a 2030 transportation system which is innovative, holistic, sustainable, environmentally sound, and energy-efficient. . . . The transportation system in 2030 will be responsive to the public’s demand for more transit and non-motorized choices."

Visit the MDOT website to download the full Preferred Public Vision, their technical reports on transit and other topics, the "corridors of highest significance," and more.  There will be more opportunities in the coming months to provide input on their plans – we’ll keep you posted.  You can send comments at any point.