Sharing TRU’s Financial Records

TRU is proud to accomplish great impact on a very modest budget and to provide the utmost transparency on the funds we receive and spend to accomplish that work.

In the interest of transparency, our Financial Review for 2018 is posted here for your download and review. To minimize expenses while maintaining best practices, we procure a full financial audit every other year and a slightly more modest Financial Review in alternate years; both are done by a Certified Public Accountant according to generally accepted accounting procedures. Our Audited Financial Statement for 2017 is available here as well. Find previous year’s financial statements and IRS filings on our About Us page.

We are proud to be supported by more than 150 individuals from across the Detroit region and beyond. Some give $5,000, others give $5, each contributing what they can to make our fight for great transit possible.

We thank the Kresge Foundation, the Sally Mead Hands Foundation, and the Van Dusen Family Foundation for their leadership funding.