Sponsorships Available!

For the Detroit region to compete nationally, we must provide great public transit. TRU is proud to be the leading nonprofit dedicated to making great transit a reality.

As 2018 comes to a close, demonstrate your commitment to great transit by sponsoring TRU’s 2019 transit event series.  

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans

From our premier State of the Region’s Transit January 31 to our Let’s Talk Transit program engaging people on transit for the first time, our 2019 events are great opportunities for companies that support transit to demonstrate that commitment while supporting your marketing goals.

Sponsorship enables TRU’s ongoing transit advocacy, built on nearly twenty years of building support for transit here in the Motor City. We’ve made major progress, and while we still have big steps ahead, with your continued support we’ll ensure Detroit develops a great transit system that can compete on the national stage.

Each TRU event attracts between 75 and 200 transit supporters,
many of whom are elected, civic, and business leaders.