State Leg Considers New Transportation Funding, but Leaves Transit Out Again!

Giant_sinkholeMichigan has a road funding crisis.

Michigan also has a bus funding crisis.

So why is only one of these being considered for rescue by the state legislature?!?

towed bus3House Speaker Jase Bolger on April 3 proposed $450 million in funding reforms and increases to address Michigan’s pothole crisis. However it ignores Michigan’s decades-old funding Formula that allocates 10% of transportation funding to the Comprehensive Transportation Fund (CTF) to pay for buses, trains, bike paths, and all other non-road transportation. With over 95 million passenger trips on Michigan’s public transit system last year, efforts to tackle shortfalls in Michigan’s transportation funding system must go through the Act 51 formula.

Tell your legislators the fix Michigan’s full transportation system, not just part of it!