Detroit Inner Circle Greenway

TRU is pleased to support the application filed in April 2014 by the City of Detroit for a TIGER FY2014 grant to construct the Inner Circle Greenway, a non-motorized trail project in and along the cities of Detroit, Hamtramck, Highland Park and Dearborn.

This project would link many diverse neighborhoods and expand the Link Detroit Project, the Conner Creek Greenway, and the Southwest Detroit Greenlink into a true non-motorized transportation system. Several of Detroit’s greatest assets – the Riverfront, Downtown, Eastern Market, Midtown cultural center, and surrounding neighborhoods would be linked by the Inner Circle Greenway, not only creating access for residents with limited travel options but also connecting visitors to experience the lesser known attractions of Detroit.

TRU is especially excited about the network of on- and off-road transit options, linking up with existing bus routes and planned M-1 Rail streetcar and Bus Rapid Transit routes, enabling visitors and residents from throughout the region to better access Detroit’s commercial, recreational, educational and cultural offerings.

We greatly hope the US Department of Transportation will provide TIGER grant funding to make this project into reality!