Transportation Riders United

Hold DDOT Accountable

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More than 100,000 riders depend on DDOT each day to get to work, school, doctors, the grocery store, and other destinations. Residents should be able to count on safe, reliable, and quality bus service throughout the city. To that end, we’re asking DDOT to:

  • Reach 85% on-time rates for all routes.
  • Maintain a “pull out” rate of 100%, meaning that all of the scheduled buses are operating every day.
  • Publish a plan for ongoing improvement.


DDOT has long struggled with underfunding, bureaucratic challenges, and other troubles which hurt not only individual bus riders, but our City’s economy and revitalization.

DDOT bus at Fox(1)One of TRU’s top priorities is improved Detroit bus service. Led by TRU’s Assistant Director Ruth Johnson, TRU is demanding DDOT management provide to the public a specific measurable plan for improving bus timeliness and regularly to report to City Council and the public their progress in achieving these improvements..

The DDOT service currently scheduled is insufficient for rider demand. TRU calls for an expansion of DDOT service, at least a restoration to January 2012 service levels.TM to Joel to go places 5.7

TRU also opposes any increases in bus fares unless and until DDOT is operating all scheduled buses and running at least 85% on-time. Any fare increase must result in clear benefits for riders.


If you ride DDOT and experience a bus that is late or doesn’t show, call DDOT to complain at (313) 933-1300. They need to know that riders are still struggling!

Also call the Mayor’s office at (313) 224-3400 and tell them that Detroiters are still struggling with late and insufficient bus service. He has said improved bus service is a top priority, and while there have been improvements, riders still waiting for sufficient reliable service.