Transportation Riders United

Share Your Transit Tale

Has public transit made a difference in your life?

Have you missed out on opportunities because of gaps and limited in our bus systems?

Or has riding saved you money you can better invest elsewhere?

Tell us about it!!

TRU is seeking Transit Tales: Personal Public Transit Impact Stories that share the real-life impact Detroit area transit has had on people’s everyday lives.

Thanks for public transit, bikes, and carshare, Patty’s family happily lives with just one car, leaving more money for school, travel, and donations to local nonprofit groups that they deeply care about. She’s made great friends on the bus too!

When he was younger, Eugene had to rely on family members to drive him everywhere he needed to go, and he was often stuck at home. Now he’s a frequent bus rider on both SMART and DDOT, getting himself everywhere he wants to be.
A commuter train would offer Jonny a more consistent commute time that he could really plan for. Instead he doesnt know day to day if he will be driving for 35 minutes or 2 hours! How can someone schedule meetings or appointments around that!?
Beth is legally blind and has had to turn down jobs in communities without bus service. But thanks to the transit service in her hometown of Southfield and elsewhere, she’s proud to be just as hard-working, productive, active, and social as anyone else!

So what’s your transit tale?