Urge Michigan's Senate to fund our FULL transportation system

Remember the transportation funding mess that was Michigan’s Proposal 1?

Well the legislature is considering new alternatives, but what the House passed is even worse!! On June 10, the House voted to raise road revenue by taking money from economic development, raising fees for green vehicles, and eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit. They completely left out transit. This is not a real solution for our crumbling transportation system!
The Michigan Senate has a chance for something better.
The Senate may vote THIS WEEK on their alternative for funding transportation, and they need to hear from you!


Tell your state senator to fund Michigan’s full transportation system!!  

Contact your Senator TODAY and urge them to create a real fix for transportation! This solution must:

  1. Fund our complete transportation system, including buses, ports, and trails. 
  2. Provide sustainable, dedicated funding
  3. Raise enough revenue to meet our transportation needs  

Take Action Today!  Then urge your friends to do the same!