Are you doing everything you can to win on Regional Transit?

yesfortransit-square-logoSoutheast Michigan has our best chance in decades to improve and expand our region’s transit if a majority of the four-counties’ voters VOTE YES for Regional Transit. This vital ballot measure has a good chance of winning IF voters are aware that it’s on the ballot and its benefits for our region.

Please help make it happen!

If you’ve only got 2 minutes, please SHARE our posts on your Facebook and Twitter pages, such as the campaign’s first TV ad, with a note about why it matters to you.9

If you’ve got 20 minutes, send a personal email to your family, friends and neighbors (you can use our sample or write your own).

If you’ve got an hour or two, distribute printed information.

  • Print out and distribute Vote Yes information to your friends and colleagues
    • Contact the campaign or us at TRU at info@ if you can distribute large numbers of materials and would like to arrange to get pre-printed materials.
  • Distribute materials on the RTA’s Regional Transit Plan to audiences who either can’t share Vote Yes materials or want additional details. Print your own or contact with your requests for 250 or more.

If you can commit a few hours, please volunteer!!

  •  Volunteer to share campaign info, whether by going door-to-door, at Eastern Market or other public events, or on election day at a polling place