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For twenty years, TRU has fought for Detroit area transit, through every crisis and every opportunity. Member donations make it possible.

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Most recently, we helped win emergency transit funding:

When COVID-19 struck, bus ridership plummeted 70%. Bus agencies stopped charging fares and doubled their cleaning regimes. Their budgets were headed off a cliff.

Yet buses getting nurses and janitors to work remain as or more important than ever.

Congress planned emergency funds for airlines and cruise ships, but ZERO for public transit. As Detroit’s transit advocate, TRU acted. Partnering with allies in DC and across the country, we spotlighted how essential transit is. Within days, TRU had mobilized dozens of calls and hundreds of emails to congress demanding transit be included.

And we won! The CARES Act included $25 billion to support transit nationwide, with $134 million for the Detroit area!!

Member support is what made that possible.

TRU’s budget would also go off a cliff without the consistent donations of transit supporters like you.

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(This crisis has hit everyone differently. If you can’t give today, or can’t give much, we totally understand. But if you have the means, your support is doubly important, because others can’t.)

TRU’s help ensuring transit funding is just the latest example of our impact:

When transit is on the line, TRU is there, thanks to our members!

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