Oakland County Leaders Commit to Tackle the Climate Crisis!

Image of flooded neighborhood street with trees, labeled as Royal Oak Aug. 11, 2014, taken by oc115.com

Climate change is real. Climate change is happening.

  • Deadly heat waves.
  • More dangerous floods.
  • Bigger, more deadly storms.
  • Tropical diseases spreading north.

Climate change is already hurting Michigan, the US, and the entire world, and is poised to get much worse!

Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter shown from his office speaking on the CBS 62 TV program Michigan Matters.

Thankfully, some of our political leaders recognize this threat and are doing everything they can to stop it, through direct actions, policy changes, government investments, and more.

That list now includes Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter and much of the Oakland County Commission!

Oakland County announced a bold vision and important initial action to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

“Oakland County has a quality of life that endures because of its 1,450 lakes, 138 miles of trails, 90,000 acres of parks, and headwaters of five watersheds that flow throughout Southeast Michigan. We have a responsibility to address climate change so future generations can enjoy better public health, a stronger economy, and our beautiful natural resources.”

Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter, in a March 18, 2021 press release

To reach that goal, Exec. Coulter proposed:

1) The creation of a campus-wide sustainability plan, lead by AECOM, Thomas Consulting Group, and Eminence Partners

2) A new executive office role of chief sustainability officer, as a strategic advisor to the county executive on environmental sustainability initiatives and lead of the countywide climate action plan.

Following huge public turnout and debate, the County Commission voted to approve these important steps at their meeting Thursday March 25. While some opponents pressured Commissioners to oppose it, the Turn Oakland County Green campaign overwhelmed them. Of the more than 70 people who attended, called in, or wrote to the Commission, only 9 were against the proposals. Thank you to everyone who spoke out in support of tackling the climate crisis!!

And thank you to Executive Coulter, Commission Chair Dave Woodward, and all the Commissioners who supported this vital progress.

TRU and Climate activists applaud these important steps

TRU is proud to be a leading member of the Oakland County Climate Campaign – a coalition of environmental, justice, and other groups pushing to Turn Oakland County Green and to equitably tackle the climate crisis. Together we’ve developed a platform of recommendations, which include these vital first steps. We look forward to working with County leaders to continue to take bold action against climate change.

Twelve people stand in front of the Oakland County Executive crest, including County Executive Dave Coulter and TRU's Megan Owens
TRU and Oakland Climate Campaign activists met with Oakland County Executive Dave Coulter in early March 2020 and agreed upon the importance of bold action against climate change