Help Shape New Regional Transit Priorities!

Everyone knows southeast Michigan needs regional transit improvements (well, nearly everyone). The big debate is what those changes should be, what should be prioritized first, and how to pay for them.

The RTA is updating the region’s transit priorities and wants to hear from you!

Since the narrow ballot loss in 2016, the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) has been listening to feedback, ideas, and concerns. They have incorporated that feedback into updated regional transit priorities that maintain the best parts of the 2016 plan while seeking to better address the region’s diverse needs and concerns. They’ve developed both a long-term vision/goals for the transit our region needs along with near-term investment priorities to start making it happen.

The RTA is proposing to advance 8 broad investment priorities:

While still early in the planning process, this illustrates the options that could potentially be available IF the region is willing to invest in great transit:

Before taking it back to the ballot, RTA wants to know if they’ve got it right. Starting July 18 and through September, they’ll be sharing these ideas and seeking feedback from both stakeholders like you and the general public through an online survey and events – starting in Ann Arbor next Thursday July 18, followed by one in Macomb County in August, in Oakland County in September, and in Wayne County in October.

We need your input and help!

  1. Review the vision and priorities online and/or at the upcoming RTA open houses.
  2. Take the online survey to share your priorities and where you want transit to go!
  3. Spread the word to all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and bus buddies to urge them to learn about it and take the survey!
    • Will you share it on social media?
    • Will you invite friends to the Open House events?
    • What events will you invite a guest speaker to?

This is the next step towards getting regional transit back on the ballot and investing in the great transit our region needs. The RTA board needs to unanimously approve a regional plan before they’ll vote to place it on the ballot. A big show and survey response will show them that people really care about regional transit!!

Thanks for helping make it happen – because no one should be left stranded simply because they don’t drive!

This important advocacy work is made possible with grant funding from United Way of Southeastern Michigan.