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The Newly Proposed Regional Transit: Move More People to More Places More Frequently

The Regional Transit Authority is considering a new possible Regional Transit Plan and wants your feedback! A team led by Wayne County Executive Warren Evans has spent the past year listening to people’s feedback, concerns, and complaints about the Regional Transit Plan that was adopted by the RTA in 2016, but never funded. They worked hard …

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Why Vote Yes for Regional Transit – Talking Points

Several people have asked for some quick talking points that they can share with friends, family and neighbors to explain why they should Vote Yes for Regional Transit on November 8. Here are a few ideas:

The Regional Transit plan will provide several great new transit services:
1) Convenient affordable Airport Express service from all throughout region
2) A Regional Rail train service finally connecting Detroit to Ann Arbor
3) Fast frequent Bus Rapid Transit along Woodward, Gratiot and Michigan Avenues

The Regional Transit plan will also expand service for people who depend on it every day:
1) Connect people to jobs in more places
2) Help seniors remain independent by expanding paratransit service
3) Connect our communities with seamless travel throughout the region

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The Regional Transit Master Plan is here!!

The Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan (RTA) has developed a proposed Regional Transit Master Plan for how to improve and expand transit throughout the four county region.

It’s a great plan that would make huge strides in addressing our region’s transit needs, including connecting people to jobs, providing easy airport access, and ensure seniors can maintain independence.

The RTA Board is scheduled to vote July 21 on the plan and the ballot language to allow voters to decide to fund it. Please help spread the word about this plan and its benefits throughout our region.