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Partial Success: Bus funding restored!

House restored funding for local bus agencies, thanks to supporter outreach! But more work needed: funding could still be slashed for senior shuttles, rides to work, regional initiatives (including RTA!!), and more! Following a tidal wave of opposition from transit agencies and hundreds of transit supporters like you, the Michigan House of Representatives amended their …

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Michigan Legislature trying to GUT transit, rail to fund roads!

Balanced transportation investments? Ha! The Michigan House Transportation Appropriations committee passed a budget June 6 that would drastically gut many essential transportation investments in a vain attempt to fix the roads without any new investments. Tell them NO gutting transit for roads! Public transit provides a critical lifeline to hundreds of thousands of Michiganders who …

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The State of Detroit Area Transit: Limited yet Improving

The State of Detroit Transit is Improving!

After many years of struggle and decline, public transit is finally starting to get better. It’s far from good enough, with too many people still waiting for late buses or left completely without options. Yet improvements are coming and the future looks bright.

The Regional Transit Authority (RTA) is actively planning rapid transit on Woodward, Gratiot, and Michigan Ave, while also evaluating developing a plan to improve transit through the entire four-county region.

DDOT has made major improvements from their horrendous service a year ago. With new buses and drivers, they are finally providing nearly 100% of their scheduled service, with even more improvements to come.

Read on for more information and details of Detroit area transit progress in 2015.

Mich Senate Proposes Major New Road and Transit Funding!!

Michigan last increased funding for public transit in 1987. Despite growing demand, bus agencies don’t have the funds they need to provide the service people demand. But that might finally change!!

The Senate Infrastructure modernization committee today passed bills to increase transportation funding, including up to $150 million for transit!

However the House voted to largely cut transit out of the funding.

Please call or email your legislators TODAY! Tell them you’re willing to pay a little more for improved transportation, IF it includes public transit like the Senate package does.