Detroit needs transit, Transit needs TRU, TRU needs you!

During these final weeks of the year, we’re asking everyone who cares about Detroit and/or transit to give to TRU.

Why? Three simple reasons.

1. Detroit needs transit.

The whole Detroit region needs more and better public transportation. Everyone should be able to get where they need to go, regardless of whether they drive. Transit provides access to opportunities, including:

  • To connect people to jobs
  • So seniors can get to appointments
  • For a trip to the ball game without risking a DUI
  • To minimize the climate crisis

2. Transit needs TRU.

For twenty years, TRU has been the Detroit region’s transit advocate. Wherever the threat, whatever the opportunity, however we can help, TRU is there to fight for more and better transit:

  • To fight for federal transit funding
  • To campaign for transit expansion
  • To be transit’s spokesperson in the media
  • To fight wasteful highway widenings
  • To educate nonriders why they still benefit

3. TRU needs you!

  • Every legislative meeting we host,
  • every community group we educate,
  • every action alert we send out,
  • every media story we’re quoted in,

All of that work is made possible by donations from transit supporters like you.

So give to TRU today.

What’s the right amount?

  • Many people give $50, less than the cost of an Uber from the airport.
  • Some low-income supporters and students give $5, so they can be part of the transit army.
  • Consider $15 a month, less than the cost of a monthly parking ticket.
  • Some people give $5,000 worth of appreciated stock and lower their tax bill.