Vote YES on Proposal 1: Tapping Into Transit

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This November, it is crucial that everyone get out and vote for the issues that matter to us. One ballot proposal Detroiters might be less aware of is Proposal 20-1, which will extend and expand funding for the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. Proposal 1 has great potential to expand new mobility projects all across the region. The Trust Fund has already supported improvements at the Detroit Riverfront and Belle Isle.

Becca and Conan explained how Proposal 1 will update a decades-old law to provide more recreational opportunities throughout Michigan.

Since TRU has formally endorsed Proposal 1, we believe unpacking the proposal for our membership and transit community is important. Therefore, TRU is excited to have Becca Maher, Campaign Manager for the ‘Vote Yes’ for Michigan Water, Wildlife and Parks Campaign and Conan Smith, President and CEO of the Michigan Environmental Council join us on the newest episode of our TRU Webcast, Tapping Into Transit.

“We can ensure that people who live in population dense areas, like the City of Detroit, have access to high quality recreational amenities”

Conan Smith, President and CEO of the Michgan Environmental Council

Tune in as Becca and Conan concisely describe Proposal 1, it’s impact on natural resource development, and how voting ‘yes’ benefits equitable green spaces in metro Detroit. You can watch the full episode on our TRU Youtube Channel. Also catch Tapping Into Transit on our TRU Facebook page.

Be sure to let us know what you think and keep an eye out for the next episode of Tapping Into Transit!

Vote YES on Proposal 1 this November