Vote YES on Proposal 1: Tapping Into Transit

Watch the Full Conversation Now on Youtube This November, it is crucial that everyone get out and vote for the issues that matter to us. One ballot proposal Detroiters might be less aware of is Proposal 20-1, which will extend and expand funding for the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund. Proposal 1 has great potential …

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Counties Debate SMART Millage Increase, Potential New Service?

SMART provides an essential service, connecting people to jobs, job training, doctors, and more. However SMART does not have the funding it needs to meet our community’s transportation needs. Between declining property values, declining state and federal support, and increasing costs, SMART has not been able to even maintain service levels, let alone provide the expanded service that riders and employers need.

For these reasons and more, TRU is urging County Commissioners to give voters a chance to support an increased SMART millage on the ballot this August.